Toon Santa 15 Contest: Guess this Year’s Theme for Awesome Prizes!

Toon Santa 2015 ContestGuess the theme of Toon Santa 15 & Christmas Village ’15 and win $320+ in prizes! Yes, this is outfit and theme number 9 for Toon Santa.GO HERE TO GIVE YOUR ANSWER!

Meshbox Design is busy working on Toon Santa 2015 & Christmas Village 2015 – and just like previous years, both Santa and the Village will have a very specific theme. The contest is back, and if you are the first to guess this year’s theme of Toon Santa 2015, you will win BOTH Toon Santa 15 ($25 value) AND Christmas Village 2015 ($49 value), and, donated by Mirye Software, a free copy of Silkypix Developer Studio Pro ($249 value!).

Toon Santa is the original, world famous Santa for Poser & DAZ Studio. A special version of Toon Santa is the OFFICIAL Santa of NORAD Tracks Santa.

Here are all the previous themes (15 will NOT be one of these themes!):

  • Toon Santa 14 – Wild West Santa
  • Toon Santa 13 – Chef Santa
  • Toon Santa 12 – Gentleman Santa
  • Toon Santa 11 – Father Christmas
  • Toon Santa 10 – Steampunk Santa
  • Toon Santa 09 – Ice Mountain Santa
  • Toon Santa 08 – Train Conductor Santa
  • Toon Santa 07 – King of the North Pole Santa
  • Toon Santa 06 – Classic Red Santa

Toon Santa 15 includes ALL of these previous Santas, plus if you order Toon Santa 14 now, you will get a free upgrade to Toon Santa 15!

This contest will continue until 24 hours prior to the release of Toon Santa 15. You can guess as many times as you want, just guess right here.

If you are not familiar with SILKYPIX, it is a professional photography software for Windows and Mac OS X – try the 30 day demo.

Normal disclaimers apply: Under the laws of the State of Oregon. Void where prohibited. Must be 18 or older to participate.

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    1. One important question: Does one have to keep in mind that the suggested theme must allow to create an appropriate Christmas Village, too ? For instance, it will not be so easy to create an appropriate Christmas Village along the lines of my suggested theme “Handicapped” …

  1. How about “Redneck Santa”, With his sleigh made from a beat-up pick-up truck, on blocks? (With a working still in the back)

  2. Mad science Santa – with possible items/buildings including santa’s laboratory, supercharged sleigh, mechanical elf factory, chemical works, santa’s robot, research centre, mad science school, mission control

  3. santa with muscles
    monster high and ever after high inspired santa
    chibi santa ( cute small santa with big head and big round eyes)
    despicable me santa
    santa god of war (to change things up a bit)

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