Toon Santa 15 Countdown: Father Christmas Rendered in Poser 11

Toon Santa: Father ChristmasHere’s a render of Toon Santa 11, aka Father Christmas, rendered in Poser 11’s SuperFly renderer.  Vote now in our contest, before its too late!

The countdown to the latest addition to Toon Santa(tm) 15 the original Santa for Poser (and compatible with DAZ Studio).  Don’t forget that each one of the Santas are included in Toon Santa 15!

NOTE: It isn’t too late to take a guess in the contest! Vote either on the Mirye Forum or on this blog here.

Toon Santa 11 is themed as Father Christmas.  This model was our first major departure from clothing styles, for Father Christmas has a long, posable cloak, a heavy shoe (rather than a traditional Santa boot), and different style underlying shirt, pants and belt.  He wears a garland of holly (the non-pointy kind that grows in the North Pole) and a magical way lighting staff. He also has a throne which he sometimes falls asleep in.

He matched thematically with Christmas Village 11, which is a set of buildings that wouldn’t look out of place in an a very old, sleepy British town. It includes North Pole Gold style textures as well as Medieval style textures.

It is worth noting too that Toon Santa is built up the free Chunk 3D model from our Toon People Team.  Chunk includes both male and female versions, each with their own clothing. They are compatible with Poser 8 and higher and DAZ Studio 4.5 or higher.

Learn more about Chunk 3D and how you can get him for free.

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