Toon Santa 15 Countdown: Classic Santa Rendered in Poser 11

Toon Santa 06 Updated & Revised for 2015A wonderful coincidence of Toon Santa 15 arriving soon with Poser 11! Here’s a render of Classic Santa 06, rendered in Poser 11’s SuperFly renderer.  Vote now in our contest, before its too late!

We are beginning our countdown to the latest addition to Toon Santa(tm) the original Santa for Poser (and compatible with DAZ Studio).  The Meshbox team is lucky to be a participant in the Poser 11 beta – so we went ahead and rendered our Santa’s in Poser 11’s new SuperFly renderer.

NOTE: It isn’t too late to take a guess in the contest! Vote either on the Mirye Forum or on this blog here.

Toon Santa 06 is our original, classic red Santa. The first design of Toon Santa was in 2002, and what a simple Santa he was.  The Meshbox Team took in a lot of feedback since that initial release, and a revised version was released in 2006 – and it got some attention.

Also in 2006, a version of Toon Santa made its appearance on NORAD Tracks Santa, the original tracking site for Santa Claus. Toon Santa 06 received several updates in the meantime, and a special NORAD version of Toon Santa appeared in 2012.

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