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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Dungeon Floors Updated
Dungeon Floors FREE Edition and Dungeon Floors, Grids & Trap Doors got significant updates – exactly what you want to build high quality, 3d rendered dungeon maps Read More »

Dungeon Floors Free Edition
Dungeon Floors, Grids and Trap Doors made it easy to render high resolution floor maps for role-playing games. We received feedback from our customers asking us for more – textures using single 5′ x 5′ map tiles. Not only have we done that, but we’ve made available the 5′ x 5′ and 10′ x 10′ map tiles for FREE. Read More »

Steampunk BookstoreThis elegant citadel of learning features multiple check out counters and a multi-storied tower of books, all within reach of the patented Monton Archiver Machine, a steam powered machine capable of helping a seated operator locate and pick books from any shelf, and delivering it to the hands of a customer below. Read More »

Dungeon 3D Floors, Grids & Trap DoorsModel 3 of 8 of Dungeon Depths: The First Level is Dungeon Floors, Grids & Doors. Dungeon Dungeon Floors, Grids & Doors 3D RPG style dungeon mapping models make it easy to create custom RPG maps in 3D for quick rendering. Get Dungeon Floors, Grids & Doors by itself or as a part of Dungeon Depths: The First Level Complete Edition. Read More »

Help Us Pick Toon Santa 2014
Help us select the Toon Santa 2014 and get a free set of Christmas Backgrounds! If we choose your suggestion, get a free copies of Toon Santa and all Christmas Village sets! Read More »