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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Elven Village Volume 1 was our first model set in the Elven Village series. It wasn’t our first, which is the now discontinued Medieval Village Volume 1 (which will eventually be replaced). Elven Village Volume 1 is a set of 8 models based around our variation on the Elven theme: a little Norse, a pinch of faerie, and plenty of green dragon skin.

The first seven models are available through other sites, such as Content Paradise and Cornucopia 3D, but you can get all eight through Mirye Store in the Elven Village Volume 1 Complete Edition. Model 8 is Elven Village Spellshop.

Steampunk Model Sale 2/21/2014


Enjoy a 20% discount on the Clockwork Steampunk Vehicles Volume 1 series as well as Steampunk City Volume 1. Both sets are available for 3DS MAX (for real time playback in games), Poser / DAZ Studio, Shade 3D, Vue and Bryce. Each model set includes eight fully textured models (inside and out). This special offer ends 2/24/2014 and is only available through Mirye Store.

Elven Village Volume 3: Hall of Sleep

Elven Village 3D is one of our most popular series of 3D models, with versions available for 3DS MAX (for real time playback /  games), Poser / DAZ 3D, Shade 3D and Vue (and anyone who buys from Meshbox or Mirye Software also gets the 3DS versions at no added charge). From 2009, the Meshbox team has been updating and improving our classic model sets – but we’ve been asked again and again – what happened with Elven Village? Read More »

Superhero Suit for Chunk 1.0.2

I have been wanting to update this for a while! This a free suit of clothing for Chunk 3D, our free Toon People character.  The original release was a good one but I realized later that the texture mapping needed some additional work, and some of the items were not optimized well.

So we’ve done a new unwrapping, and you’ll find all the OBJs there as well. You can currently download Chunk 3d for free and download Superhero Suit Basic 1.0.2 for free through Mirye Store. Even though there is a field for cost, you can just enter $0. Any donations are appreciated but not necessary.

We have future updates planned for Superhero Suit Basic for Chunk, including merchant resources so you can create your own customized suits.

Hydroponics Module 3D

Hydroponics Module (model 2 of 8 of Near Future: Lunar Colony Volume 1) is a self contained system for raising plant life that not only generates oxygen but also edibles. As with other modules, it has an airlock chamber in case it is not attached to an array of modules. The system is complete with lighting and air filters, and several internal tanks to store a back up reserve that isn’t automatically channeled off for use in other modules. Read More »