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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Elven Village Town Park R2

Elven Village Park is both a complete model as well as its many parts, allowing you to create vast, beautiful urban gardens, with arches, gazing pools and the grand swan fountain. Read More »

Regolith Mining Base

Model 4 of 8 of the series now available for 3DS MAX, Poser / DAZ Studio, Shade 3D, Vue and Bryce.

Mobile mining bases travel across the surface of the Moon, collecting and packing the loose material Regolith for processing into usable materials that are then formed into component blocks. Each base has a constant delivery of empty modules by robotic carts (included) that then return to central storage full of useful materials. Includes the robot cart and modules. Read More »

Chunk 3D Free 3D Poser and DAZ Studio Character

This Superhero outfit, including body sock, hood/mask, gloves, socks and boots is now available through Content Paradise. You will also want to pick up Chunk 3D, the free Toon People character.

Hydroponics Module 3DHydroponics Module (model 2 of 8 of Near Future: Lunar Colony Volume 1) is a self contained system for raising plant life that not only generates oxygen but also edibles. As with other modules, it has an airlock chamber in case it is not attached to an array of modules. The system is complete with lighting and air filters, and several internal tanks to store a back up reserve that isn’t automatically channeled off for use in other modules.

You can now get the Hydroponics Module on Content Paradise.

Elven Village Town Hall R2Elves of the Owl Clan prefer larger townships with a central town hall where open debate can take place before the High Loremaster or Judge of the clan. Enter through the front doors, past magical owl guardians. The entire building is shod with ancient green dragon skin to ward against magical attacks. Read More »

HP Lovecraft 3D in a Cave

Here is a quick render done last year while getting into the mood for the HP Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland, Oregon. This year its going to be April 11-13, 2014. This is using our basic HP Lovecraft 3D for Poser character and a background from the Caves and Caverns Backgrounds Volume 1.

Mass Driver Science Fiction 3D Model

Now available for 3DS MAX, Poser / DAZ Studio, Shade 3D, Vue and Bryce.

With gravity only 1/6 that of Earth, Lunar Mass Drivers can leverage shooting payloads over the horizon and need not be angled like a cannon. This Lunar Mass Driver includes an airlock and control center (with toiletries for long work days), with a connected Mag-Lev chamber. External generators utilize the solar panels and other power sources to help build a high enough magnetic charge to launch module sized objects hard enough to propel them into space. Read More »

Santa's Dining Hall Santa's Cook House Elf Girl Dormitory

There have been a number of growing pains over on brokerage partner Content Paradise site recently, so you may not have seen many of our most recent products there, including the e-on software Vue and DS Bryce versions of our Toon Santa‘s Christmas Village 2014 model set.  We just added Santa’s Cookhouse, Santa’s Dining Hall and the Elf Girl Dormitory.

First model arrives of Elven Village Volume 3 R2, the Elven Bridge-Gate. This includes a landing, bridge span, tower, arches and three types of beautiful elven lamps. Add additional spans and towers to make any length of bridge. Read More »

Elven Village Volume 2 followed Volume 1 several years later, incorporating many of the same themes of Volume 1, but with a new totem animal.

The first seven models are available through other sites, such as Content Paradise and Cornucopia 3D, but you can get all eight through Mirye Store in the Elven Village Volume 2 Complete Edition. Model 8 is Elven Village Mirror Maker.