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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Fedoraville Hearse R2

For a limited time, you can get Meshbox Design’s Fedoraville 1950s Hearse for free through partner Content Paradise. This is a special, limited time offer that takes place depending on the version you want to license.

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Norm 1.0 for Poser & DAZ Studio Released

The Toon People(tm) team at Meshbox Design have been working on the third character in the Toon People series, joining Chunk 3D and Slim 3D.

Norm 3D includes both male and female characters including full sets of clothing for special agents or spies. Check out Norm over on the Toon People news site.

Elven Wine Bar R2

The Elven Wine Bar doesn’t provide room or guest services beyond light entertainment and the enjoyment of fanciful wines and fruit beverages. While many elven clans have moved towards full service inns, the Owl Clan maintains older traditions – a surreal mixture of wine, music and a reflective gazing or refreshment pool. Multi-floored and roofed in green dragon skin. Read More »

Music from Halfling Village Volume 1 Collection is a set of 8 royalty free soundtracks based on the fantasy themes associated with the little folk known as halflings and their cozy villages. These soundtracks work well with fantasy or dream-like videos, animations, RPGs, MMORPGs or other games. You can license this music set for only $20 through Mirye Store and individual tracks through Content Paradise.

Lunar Backgrounds Volume 1

Lunar Backgrounds Volume 1 is a set of backgrounds featuring the moon, moon surfaces and images of moons – 24 images at 1200 x 800. Find them on Mirye Store. Read More »

Regolith Mining Robot

Model 6 of 8 of the series now available for 3DS MAX, Poser / DAZ Studio, Shade 3D, Vue and Bryce.

Lunar mining is all about mobility, with all bases and robots being highly mobile. The Regolith Mining Robot utilizes a broad, open collector that can scrap materials off of the surface of the moon (smaller vehicles can also scoop and collect). The regolith is then shaken and separated, allowing useful particles to be collected. These are then packed into modules that are then shuttled off by a delivery bot to a nearby base for refining (and later, to a builder bot). Read More »

Elven Academy

Elven academies are beautiful, temple-like structures with much natural light, and speaking porches that rise above the garden level, and elven lamps to brighten them. Artistic works and original scrolls of classic dissertations are displayed in lobbies. Read More »

Builder Bot

Model 5 of 8 of the series now available for 3DS MAX, Poser / DAZ Studio, Shade 3D, Vue and Bryce.

Builder Bots work tirelessly to build new structures on the lunar surface, utilizing the same technology found in 3D printers. Modules containing BASE material, which is made from Regolith, are supplied to Builder Bots as they work. The included Delivery Bot, tests and repacks BASE material, then delivers it in modules to the Builder Bot. Builder bots load the modules into their central heads, then build or “print”, layer by layer, architectural sections of new buildings, foundations and other structures. Builder Bots utilize tracks but on the end of long legs, allowing them to adjust to whatever angle is needed to complete a section. Builder Bot includes modules, the Builder Bot itself, plus also a Delivery Bot. Read More »