Less Than 48 Hours on Guess Santa 15 Contest; Don’t Miss Out on Awesome Prizes

Toon Santa 15 Revealed SoonThere is less than 48 hours left before we lock down the contest. A grand prize winner HAS NOT EMERGED YET, so $1300+ in prizes still available. Guess Toon Santa 15 for Poser & DAZ Studio!The countdown is over on the previously released nine versions of Toon Santa. These are all included with Toon Santa 15, too!

Enter The Contest

Guess the theme of the new Toon Santa.  Enter as many times as you want before the deadline.

You can vote either on the Mirye Software forum entry or the Meshbox Blog Entry.

Grand Prize Winner

If someone guesses the exact theme first, they get the grand prize which includes:

All software is delivered as a digital download.

Three Best Answers

As selected by the Meshbox Team, the top three answers which did not win the grand prize will also get:

  1. Choice one of the following products: Poser 11 or Anime Studio Debut 11 or Manga Studio 5
  2. One Month OneRender PRO Subscription

All software is delivered as a digital download.

It is worth noting too that Toon Santa is built up the free Chunk 3D model from our Toon People Team.  Chunk includes both male and female versions, each with their own clothing. They are compatible with Poser 8 and higher and DAZ Studio 4.5 or higher.

Learn more about Chunk 3D and how you can get him for free.

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  1. More guesses…
    * Saint Nicholas Santa (based on the historical Saint Nicholas)
    * Rock and Roll Santa
    * Medieval Santa
    * Fantasy (a la Lord of the Rings) Santa
    * Elf Santa (would look lovely in the Meshbox Elf architecture
    * Aviator Santa
    * Ghostly Santa
    * Dickens Christmas Santa
    * Farmer Santa
    * Cherokee Santa (Native American / Native Peoples)
    * African Santa
    * Artist Santa
    * Captain Santa (boats, etc.)
    * Sci-Fi Santa (hq on Neptune? lol)
    * Viking Santa
    * Nutcracker Santa
    * Holly Jolly Santa (nature theme)
    * Elf Santa
    * Gingerbread Santa
    * Chimney Sweep Santa
    * Hockey Santa
    * Doctor Santa
    * Matchmaker Santa (romance!)
    * Parisian Santa (ooh la la)
    * First Noel Santa (honoring the first Christmas; wisemen; camels; etc.)
    * Jack Frost Santa (frosty santa; snowflakes, etc.)
    * Grinch Santa
    * Island of Misfit Toys Santa
    * Mrs. Claus Santa!!
    * Fashion-conscious Santa
    * Scientist Santa

  2. * Hanukkah meets Christmas Santa
    * Beach Babe Santa
    * Ball-Joint Doll Santa
    * Hippie Santa
    * 50s Jukebox Santa
    * Clockwork Orange Santa
    * Angelic Santa
    * Goth Santa
    * Cyborg Santa
    * Pet-lover Santa
    * “Dancing with the Santa” Santa
    * Spy Santa
    * Urban Warrior Santa
    * Apocalypse: Santa
    * Founding Fathers Santa
    * RPG Santa

  3. * The Mall Santa
    * Charitable Bell-Ringer Santa
    * The Grinch Who Stole Santa
    * Ancient Egyptian Santa
    * Rocket Santa
    * Alpine Santa
    * Desert Santa
    * Under-the-Sea Santa
    * Skiing Santa
    * Ice Skating Santa

  4. * Techie Santa
    * Big City Santa
    * Hillbilly Santa
    * Old Man Santa
    * Young Santa (or Santa at a younger age)
    * Toy Soldier Santa
    * Little Drummer Santa
    * 12 Days of Christmas Santa
    * Silent Night Santa
    * Pop Goes the Santa

  5. * Shopping Santa
    * Sporty Santa (football, soccer, baseball, basketball, golf, etc.)
    * First Responder Santa (fireman, medic, etc.)
    * President Santa (hey, it’s coming up on election year in the U.S.)

  6. * Cookie Lover Santa
    * Ugly Christmas Sweater Santa
    * Soot-Covered Santa
    * Norman Rockwell-style, All-American Classic Santa
    * Factory / Industrial Santa
    * Corporate Santa (it’s big business making all those toys)
    * Toy Maker Santa
    * Fitness Santa (time shed some pounds; doctor’s orders)
    * Reality TV Santa
    * Biker Santa (motorcycle)
    * Vegas Santa
    * Inventor Santa
    * Candy Store Santa
    * Ice Cream Store Santa

  7. * Reindeer-Whisperer Santa
    * Sugar Cookie Santa
    * Roaring 20s Santa
    * Main Street Santa (like 1930s, 1940s or 1950s cute small down main street Santa)
    * New England Village Santa
    * Seaside Santa
    * Williamsburg / Colonial Santa

  8. * English / British Tea-Time Santa
    * Bavarian Santa
    * Pizza Santa
    * Torchbearer / Lamp-Lighter Santa
    * The Crazy Cat Santa
    * It’s a Wonderful Santa
    * Miracle on Santa Street
    * Postman Santa
    * Truck Driver Santa
    * Diner Santa
    * Christmas Tree Santa
    * Santa Made of Ice
    * The Abominable Snow Santa

  9. * Ice Age Santa
    * Teddy Bear Santa
    * Christmas Lights Santa
    * Eggnog Santa
    * Hot Air Balloon Santa
    * Kite Flying Santa
    * Bagpipe Santa
    * Fisherman Santa
    * Pirate Santa (ah, so that’s where he gets all the gifts, lol)
    * Hula Santa
    * Gypsy Santa
    * Jolly Old Saint Nicholas Santa
    * Time Travel Santa (move over, Dr. Who)

  10. * Red Baron Santa
    * Christmas Stocking Santa
    * Snowmobile Santa
    * Iditarod Santa (dog sledding)
    * ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas Santa
    * Reindeer Riding Santa
    * Dark World (Nightmare Before Christmas) Santa

  11. * Delivery Man Santa
    * Salesman Santa
    * Robot Santa
    * Naughty and Nice List Santa
    * Hot Cocoa and Marshmallows Santa
    * Gingerbread Village Santa
    * Santa in a Box (get it? Meshbox Santa!)
    * Baby Santa
    * Taxi Driver Santa
    * Bus Driver Santa
    * Prehistoric Santa
    * Grubby Santa
    * Tuxedo Santa
    * Wedding Santa (with Mrs. Claus)
    * Anime / Manga Santa
    * Pinstripe Santa
    * Coal Miner Santa (for the bad kids, lol)
    * Web Surfer Santa
    * African American Santa
    * New Orleans / Cajun Santa
    * Jazz Santa

  12. Supernatural Santa
    Ghostbuster Santa
    Assassins Creed Santa
    Table Dancer Santa
    Moon Man Santa
    Firefly Santa (from the Serenety Crew)
    Mad Hatter Santa
    Wonderland Santa
    Evil Santa
    Sexy Santa
    Masked Santa
    Hooded Santa
    Scary Santa
    Chtullu Santa
    Lovecraft Santa
    Vampire Santa
    Puppet Santa
    Heavy Metal Dude Santa
    Lady Santa 😀
    Dr Frankenfurter Santa
    Haunted Santa
    Headless Santa
    Teatcher Santa
    Master of Puppet Santa

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