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Elven Village Volume 3 Complete EditionElven Village Volume 3 is available for 3D Studio MAX, Poser / DAZ Studio, Vue 3D, Shade 3D, Bryce and now Blender. Save 41% through June 13, 2016. Read More »

Elven Village Inn on OneRenderAnother look at one of our most popular 3D models in the Elven Village series rendered on the OneRender 3d layout and cloud rendering platform. Here’s a look at importing our Poser / DAZ compatible Elven Village Inn. Read More »

Elven Village Inn Render 1 on OneRender Elven Village Volume 1 is one of our most popular 3d model sets. Take a look at a render of Elven Village Inn. Read More »

Elven Village Volume 3

This set of 8 Elven Village 3D models is now complete! It is available in formats for 3DS MAX, Poser / DAZ Studio, Shade 3D, Vue and Bryce.

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Elven Hall of Sleep

Elves do not die of old age, but they can suffer death by mischance. If an elven mind or heart is damaged or they suffer iron poisoning, it is one of the few times that an elf may sleep. Special elven loremasters and healers – followers of the Great Mother, accept the terribly ill into the House of Sleep, where the elf may sleep for weeks, months, years or more in a magical sleep chamber. Although the chambers resemble human coffins, they are accessible in small rooms where family can visit and sing soothing mystical chants over their kin. Read More »

Elven Village Warehouse

Elves trade with races and also among themselves, and so need a place to store goods as well as elements of civic architecture. It simply would not due to replace an aged, but broken statue (among other aged statues) with one that’s freshly made. So elves store goods in such a way that allows control over their exposure to the elements. Elven Warehouse is a two floored structure with a high open roof. A front ramp allows easy access to the covered first floor (which is filled with goods), and a pair of steeply angled ramps at the back allow access to the second floor. Read More »

Elven Grain Tower

Multi-floored and roofed in green dragon skin, the Elven Grain Tower is as utilitarian a building as you might find in an elven village, but it still exemplifies the beauty of elven architecture. A somewhat steep ramp allows access all the way to the top, with access doors along the way in case the tower happens not to be full. Grain is dispensed through the bottom into sacks. A handcart is nearby, as well as unfilled and an open sack being filled with grain. Read More »

Elven Wine Bar R2

The Elven Wine Bar doesn’t provide room or guest services beyond light entertainment and the enjoyment of fanciful wines and fruit beverages. While many elven clans have moved towards full service inns, the Owl Clan maintains older traditions – a surreal mixture of wine, music and a reflective gazing or refreshment pool. Multi-floored and roofed in green dragon skin. Read More »

Elven Academy

Elven academies are beautiful, temple-like structures with much natural light, and speaking porches that rise above the garden level, and elven lamps to brighten them. Artistic works and original scrolls of classic dissertations are displayed in lobbies. Read More »

Elven Village Town Park R2

Elven Village Park is both a complete model as well as its many parts, allowing you to create vast, beautiful urban gardens, with arches, gazing pools and the grand swan fountain. Read More »