Elven Warehouse Model 7 of 8 of Elven Village 3

Elven Village Warehouse

Elves trade with races and also among themselves, and so need a place to store goods as well as elements of civic architecture. It simply would not due to replace an aged, but broken statue (among other aged statues) with one that’s freshly made. So elves store goods in such a way that allows control over their exposure to the elements. Elven Warehouse is a two floored structure with a high open roof. A front ramp allows easy access to the covered first floor (which is filled with goods), and a pair of steeply angled ramps at the back allow access to the second floor.

This model is available in versions for 3DS MAX (with game licensing!), and art/render licensing for Poser / DAZ 3D, Shade 3D, Vue 3D and Bryce. If ordered directly from Meshbox Design or Mirye Software, you also get a 3DS version.

Get it now at Mirye Store.

You can also get this model as a part of Elven Village Volume 3 Complete Edition, which includes all seven publicly released models as well as the bonus model. Order a Complete Edition and get each model as it is released.

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