Elven Academy Model 4 of 8 of Elven Village Volume 3

Elven Academy

Elven academies are beautiful, temple-like structures with much natural light, and speaking porches that rise above the garden level, and elven lamps to brighten them. Artistic works and original scrolls of classic dissertations are displayed in lobbies.
This model is available in versions for 3DS MAX (with game licensing!), and art/render licensing for Poser / DAZ 3D, Shade 3D, Vue 3D and Bryce. If ordered directly from Meshbox Design or Mirye Software, you also get a 3DS version.

Get it now at Mirye Store.

You can also get this model as a part of Elven Village Volume 3 Complete Edition, which includes all seven publicly released models as well as the bonus model. Order a Complete Edition and get each model as it is released.

Update: Now available through Content Paradise and Meshbox Design.

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