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Orc Dragon Shaman's ShipMeshbox Orc Dragon Shaman’s Ship 3D model for MAX, Poser/DAZ Studio, Shade 3D, Blender, Vue & Bryce is model 8 of 8 in the series. Read More »

Dungeon Depths: The First Level: Dangerous Ways
Dungeon Depths: The First Level Complete Edition is completed with Dangerous Ways, a set of model pieces for making hazardous corridors and the bonus model of the series. For Poser / Daz Studio, Vue, Bryce, Shade and 3DS MAX. 20% off until March 9, 2015. Read More »

Elven Hall of Sleep

Elves do not die of old age, but they can suffer death by mischance. If an elven mind or heart is damaged or they suffer iron poisoning, it is one of the few times that an elf may sleep. Special elven loremasters and healers – followers of the Great Mother, accept the terribly ill into the House of Sleep, where the elf may sleep for weeks, months, years or more in a magical sleep chamber. Although the chambers resemble human coffins, they are accessible in small rooms where family can visit and sing soothing mystical chants over their kin. Read More »

3D Lunar Rover & Module Trailer

Model 8 of 8 of the series now available for 3DS MAX, Poser / DAZ Studio, Shade 3D, Vue and Bryce.

The Lunar Rover is a highly mobile, sturdy transport vehicle for a driver and three passengers (more if they ride outside). The vehicle comes with its own external lighting system, and a trailer for transporting goods; a robotic module manipulator makes it easy to pick up and move modules, loading or unloading the external trailer.

This is the bonus model for Near Future: Lunar Colony Volume 1 R2 and not sold separately. If you want this model, order the Complete Edition. Read More »