Dungeon Depths: The First Level Completed With Dangerous Ways

Dungeon Depths: The First Level: Dangerous Ways
Dungeon Depths: The First Level Complete Edition is completed with Dangerous Ways, a set of model pieces for making hazardous corridors and the bonus model of the series. For Poser / Daz Studio, Vue, Bryce, Shade and 3DS MAX. 20% off until March 9, 2015.

Unlike most Meshbox series, each of the Dungeon Depths: The First Level models are really collections of themed models, each of which were designed to build fantasy RPG dungeon levels.

Model 8 of 8, the bonus model of the series, is a special collection of corridors that present extra risks and challenges. It also includes normal maps, bump and texture maps for both a “block style” dungeon and a natural wall dungeon.

The model set is available for purchase through Mirye Software’s online store.

Included in this set are:

  • The Demon Mouth Door
  • Collapsed Corridor (rubble filled normal corridor)
  • Collapsed Supported Corridor (rubble filled, wood supported corridor)
  • Spider Web Corridor (includes a large, corridor wide spider web)
  • Destroyed Trap Door (a wrecked version of the trap door system)

These final pieces complete the series. The pre-release sale will continue on the series until Monday, March 9, 2015.

The complete set includes:


  • DND1V201 Dungeon Halls, Walls & Doors
  • DND1V202 Dungeon Stairs
  • DND1V203 Dungeon Floors, Grids and Trap Doors
  • DND1V204 Dungeon Corridor Traps
  • DND1V205 Dungeon Shafts, Vents and Chimneys
  • DND1V206 Dungeon Bridge Rooms
  • DND1V207 Ruined Architecture
  • DND1V208 Bonus Model – Dangerous Ways


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