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Faerie Handmaiden for DAZ Studio and Poser
Beautiful as a spring flower is Faerie Handmaiden for Slim, a cute little pixie girl who will capture your heart. For Poser & DAZ Studio.Don’t be fooled, this model is MASSIVE.  Faerie Handmaiden is a character set for the Slim character, complete with petal skirt, dress, flower head-dress,  jewelry, MAT Pose make up and more. AND ALSO includes a set of 24 Faerie Backgrounds AND THREE Additional character models: Faerie Throne, Faerie Swing and Faerie Gazebo.

This is an add-on character for Toon People’s Slim 3D character. You can get Slim 3d for FREE right here.

You can get this model on Mirye Store and also on Content Paradise.


The contents of this model set are based on the software package it is used with. Please check to see that you have selected the right version for you.

Faerie Handmaiden for Slim 3D for Poser & DAZ Studio

This product is compatible with Poser 7 or higher and DAZ Studio 7 or higher and REQUIRES the free Slim 3D (“Slim Girl”) from Toon People / Meshbox Design.

  • Separate OBJs (swing, gazebo, throne)
  • Separate Prop OBJs (hair, panties, sleeves, wings, dress, bra)
  • Textures 47 texture + transparency + bump
  • 24 1200 x 800 Faerie Backgrounds of Faerie Backgrounds Volume 1
  • Art License 2012 / Art License for Backgrounds

Major Clothing

  • Flowered Bra
  • Petal Dress (each petal independently posable: Lengthen Dial)
  • Panties
  • Shoulder Sleeves
  • Wings (4 independently posable sections)

Separate Prop Objects

  • Faerie Hair
  • Faerie All Natural Flower Headdress
  • Little Yellow Bird
  • Jewelry: Diadem / Left Earring / Right Earring / Faerie Court Ring / Necklace
  • Flowers, Individual (2); Flowers
  • Standalone Faerie Handmaiden for Slim 3D Gazebo + 17 textures
  • Standalone Faerie Handmaiden for Slim 3D Swingset + 17 textures
  • Standalone Faerie Handmaiden for Slim 3D Throne + 17 textures


  • Dancing and Leaping for Character / Dress
  • Flying for Character / Wings
  • Landing for Character / Dress / Wings
  • Reset Character / Reset Dress / Reset Wings
  • Sitting in Swing Character
  • Sitting in Throne Character / Dress / Wings
  • Standing and Singing
  • Standing Solemnly Character / Wings
  • Swing Back Swing / Character
  • Swing Forward Swing / Character / Dress / Wings
  • Taking Flight Character / Wings

MAT Poses

Apply Faerie MAT Pose to set up body texture before applying individual tattoos or other MAT Poses.

  • Faerie Make Up
  • Faerie Eyes
  • Arms Tatoos
  • Body Tattoos
  • Left Arm Tattoo
  • Left Leg Tattoo
  • Right Arm Tattoo
  • Right Leg Tattoo
  • Legs Tattoos
  • Toenails

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