Toon Santa 2014 Includes Chef Santa

Toon Santa 2014: Chef Santa
Toon Santa 2014 includes nine Santas for Poser & DAZ Studio, including Chef Santa. Take a look at Chef Santa, clothing, poses and props.

About Toon Santa 2014

Now Available on Mirye Software & Content Paradise!

Toon Santa ™ for Chunk™ is the incredible Santa Claus character for use with Poser 7 or higher and DAZ Studio 4.5 or higher. Each year, a new version to Toon Santa is ADDED to the Toon Santa for Poser /DAZ Studio bundle – yes, that means you are getting NINE SANTAS this year!

Chunk™ is available for free from

Chef Santa – Toon Santa 2014

Toon Santa was first introduced in 2013. Here is what is included with Chef Santa…

  • White Chef’s Coat. Long chef’s protective coat with beautiful gold buttons
  • White Puffy Chef’s Hat. Its puffy and it looks awesome!
  • Chef’s Boots. Lighter versions of the traditional Santa boot
  • Chef’s Neck Tie. A red bandana for wiping brows and generally looking Cheffy
  • Santa’s Red Apron. He’s always careful to wear one in the kitchen
  • Chef Santa Beard, Hair, Mustache & Eyebrows Props. Adds easily to Chunk Base and utilizes beautiful Poser displacements
  • Cake Tray Prop. Nice tray for carrying the Christmas cake to your table
  • Christmas Cake Prop. A red, white and holy decoration sugary white frosted Christmas cake
  • Cutting Board Prop. Suitable for chopping whatever Santa wants to chop!
  • Dish & Dish Cover Props. For bringing some tasty entree hot to the table
  • Pizza & Pizza Tray Props. Hot and steamy ultra cheese pizza from Chef Kringle’s kitchen
  • Silver Tray Prop. For bringing whatever you want to the table
  • Rolling Pin Prop. Works great, but keep it away from Mrs Santa!
  • Knife & Spoon Props. Kitchen utensils Chef Kringle needs to get the job done.
  • Poses: Chopping with Knife, Holding Tray with Christmas Cake, Holding up Tray with Dish, Holding up Tray with Pizza, Reset, Rolling Rolling Pin, Stirring the Pot, Tasting.

Toon Santa 2014 INCLUDES…

You also get nine versions of Toon Santa:

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  1. Chef Santa was the last years Santa … this year was Cowboy Santa voted via Facebook. Strange, that you don’t know your own products.

    1. Hi Klaus,

      We know our own products. This is another set of images for Chef Santa. A lot of people do not realize that when they purchase the current version of Toon Santa, they also get all the previous versions. So we’ve decided to do a review of everything that’s included in the most current Toon Santa.

      We did a bunch of new renders so people could see the different clothing and props.

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