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Chef Santa - Toon Santa as a ChefPreviously available only as a part of a bundle, this Christmas themed character presents Santa in his chef disguise, and includes pots, pans and…pizza. Read More »

Chef Santa 3DHere’s a render of Toon Santa 13, aka Chef Santa, rendered in Poser 11’s SuperFly renderer.  Vote now in our contest, before its too late! Read More »

Toon Santa 2014: Chef Santa
Toon Santa 2014 includes nine Santas for Poser & DAZ Studio, including Chef Santa. Take a look at Chef Santa, clothing, poses and props. Read More »

Toon Santa 2013 is Chef Santa

Toon Santa ™ for Chunk™ is the incredible Santa Claus character for use with Poser 7 or higher and DAZ Studio 4.5 or higher. Each year, a new version to Toon Santa is ADDED to the Toon Santa for Poser /DAZ Studio bundle – yes, that means you are getting EIGHT Santas this year…with the latest edition being Toon Santa 2013: Chef Santa. Read More »