Christmas Village 2014 Second Look

Wild West School House
Every year since 2006, Meshbox Design creates a new set of 3D models for our Christmas Village series. This is our second look at Christmas Village 2014.

The second model in the Christmas Village 2014 set is Wild West School House.

Wild West School House (and others this year) uses a more toon-like style, similar to Meshbox Design’s Halloween Bonehollow set  . A few texture changes and you can use the models interchangeably in your scene.

What’s Inside

Wild West School House, like most Meshbox Design buildings, are fully textured AND furnished inside.

You get the school house building, removable snow and icicles, a nice bell tower with a golden bell, and inside, even more. Inside, you’ll step through two sets of doors (because of the bell tower) to a fully furnished school house, complete with student desks, teacher’s desk, lighting, chalk board and more.

For Poser / DAZ Studio licensees, all doors can open / close, and all additional items are available as props.


The list of available versions hasn’t been finalized yet, however you can be assured the following will be available: Poser / DAZ Studio, e-on software Vue, Shade 3D and Bryce. A version for game licensing is also available, and includes all formats as well as the original .max file.

If you order directly from Meshbox Design or Mirye Software, you get the version you select and also get a .3DS file version as well.

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