Hydroponics Module 3D Added to Lunar Colony Volume 1

Hydroponics Module 3D

Hydroponics Module (model 2 of 8 of Near Future: Lunar Colony Volume 1) is a self contained system for raising plant life that not only generates oxygen but also edibles. As with other modules, it has an airlock chamber in case it is not attached to an array of modules. The system is complete with lighting and air filters, and several internal tanks to store a back up reserve that isn’t automatically channeled off for use in other modules.
A Hydroponics Module can be used to either generate enough breathable air for five people, or enough food to sustain to five people (assuming multiple modules to provide a variety of environments to support multiple types of food, greens, fungi, etc).

About Near Future: Lunar Colony Volume 1 R2

Near Future: Lunar Colony Volume 1 is a set of eight models based around the theme of currently (or near future, within the next 20 years) envisioned technology used for populating our solar system. This isn’t science fantasy or far far future, but what could be possible during the 21st century. This is the future as we know it now.

Versions of Hydroponics Module 3D

This model is available in a PRO edition which includes the original 3DS MAX geometry,  plus all other released versions under the art license. With the PRO version, you are licensed to use the model in real time 3D projects such as games.

This model is also available in art / animation licenses for Poser / DAZ Studio, Shade 3De-on software Vue, and DAZ 3D Bryce. If you order directly from Mirye Software or through Meshbox Design, all versions also include a 3DS version.

This product is currently available through Mirye Software.

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