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Tag Archives: DAZ Studio

Medieval Ukraine Blacksmith 3D ModelMedieval Ukraine Blacksmith 3D is model 4 of 8 of a series of historical 3D models for Poser / Daz Studio, Vue, Shade 3D,  Bryce,  Blender and 3DS MAX. Completely furnished and textured. Read More »

Free Meat 3D Character 1.0.2 Released
Meat 3D(tm) 1.0.2  the free 3d model Poser & DAZ Studio toon character is released day with many improvements to rigging. Download now. Read More »

Builder's Medieval Blacksmith BuildingMedieval Blacksmith first building in series for art, animation and builder game art. For Blender, Poser / DAZ Studio, Vue 3D, Shade 3D, Bryce & MAX. Intro sale! Read More »

H P Lovecraft 3D
An older favorite character model of weird fiction horror writer H P Lovecraft is updated to version 1.0.1 and now also available on Content Paradise. Read More »

Norm 1.1 for Poser & DAZ Studio

We promised you an update after Norm 1.0.1 and you got it. This Toon People(tm) character from Meshbox Design includes both Norm and Norma (male and female characters), complete clothing and now, poses. Get it now on Mirye Store. Read More »

Mister Puggles 3D Pug

Mister Puggles is a cute little soulful eyed pug. What more can you say? You’ll love Mister Puggles! Works with Poser 6+ and DAZ Studio 4.5 or later. Read More »

Hydroponics Module 3D

Hydroponics Module (model 2 of 8 of Near Future: Lunar Colony Volume 1) is a self contained system for raising plant life that not only generates oxygen but also edibles. As with other modules, it has an airlock chamber in case it is not attached to an array of modules. The system is complete with lighting and air filters, and several internal tanks to store a back up reserve that isn’t automatically channeled off for use in other modules. Read More »