House of Nosferatu 3D Model Complete Edition for 3D Art, Animation and Game Development

House of Nosferatu 3D Model SetSave 20% through 5/16/2015. House of Nosferatu Complete Edition is 8 3d models for Poser / DS, Blender, Vue, Bryce, Shade 3D and MAX (for game development).This is a 3d model series based around the House of Nosferatu Castle, a lofty and dark vast castle that perches on a high rocky precipice. You get a series of models that make up a vast and detailed castle.

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The Poser / DS version features dial driven doors that open / close and scaled according to character scale (characters are the correct scale as compared with the castle).

What is in House of Nosferatu R2 Complete Edition?

You get the following 3d models in the complete edition:

  • HON2V101 – House of Nosferatu Castle Kit
  • HON2V102 – House of Nosferatu Guardhouse
  • HON2V103 – House of Nosferatu Carriage House & Vampire Carriage
  • HON2V104 – House of Nosferatu Inner Keep
  • HON2V105 – Hose of Nosferatu Master’s Bedroom
  • HON2V106 – House of Nosferatu Torture Chamber
  • HON2V107 – House of Nosferatu Tower of Evil
  • HON2V108 – BONUS MODEL – House of Nosferatu Vampire Harem*

Each individual model normally costs $11.95, but for the art licensed versions, you can get the entire set for $49 ($39 while it is on sale!), representing a huge savings!

House of Nosferatu Vampire Harem Gallery





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