House of Nosferatu 3D: Vampire Harem Released

The Vampire Harem 3DHouse of Nosferatu Vampire Harem is a fully textured standalone and expansion model for the series for Poser / DS, Blender, Vue, Bryce, Shade 3D and MAX (for game development).
This room exudes comfort with an mid-eastern influence – though something is clearly not right – what about those silk lined coffins? This room includes beautiful furniture, multicolored and mystical ceiling lamps, a curved couch, and more. It snaps right into the House of Nosferatu Castle Kit.

This model is the bonus model of House of Nosferatu R2 Complete Edition and only available as a part of the Complete Edition.


The Poser / DS version features dial driven doors that open / close and scaled according to character scale (characters are the correct scale as compared with the castle).

House of Nosferatu R2 Complete Edition

You can purchase models 1-7 individually, or get the entire 8 model complete collection. You can order the complete collection at any time, then receive each model as it is released. This model is the bonus model and only included with the Complete Edition.

House of Nosferatu Vampire Harem Gallery



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