Free “Santa Prepares…” HD Christmas Wallpaper For Your Pleasure

Santa Prepares Wall PaperThe team did some similar renders for Microsoft as a part of the NORAD Tracks Santa project. Here is a free wallpaper you can use that utilizes Toon Santa and Toon Santa’s Wrapping Factory 3D models.This 1920×1080 image below is free for your use, with the provision that you do not share it with others (if you have friends that want it, direct them here).

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How it Was Made

The character is Classic Red Toon Santa 06,  our original 3D Santa for Poser & DAZ Studio. We set him up in Poser first. This involved also adding the glasses, pocket watch and a variation on a pose from Conductor Santa 07. Both are included in the Toon Santa product.

The building, presents, machinery and the like are Wrapping Factory, a model in the Christmas Village series.

I had already set up Wrapping Factory in e-on software’s Vue, with native lighting, so I utilized how easy it is to import Toon Santa from Poser into Vue.

In Vue, I made a few tweaks. These include:

  • Applying native metals and glass textures to the glasses, pocketwatch and belt buckle
  • I applied a native tree trunk texture from Vue to the wooden supports
  • I applied a custom shader I made for the red carpeting texture on the floor
  • Glossed up some of the ribbons by making them reflective

I realize that I could have just as easily done all of this in Poser 11 with its superb, native Superfly renderer, or imported it into OneRender and had similar results, but….Im lazy! I already had the Wrapping Factory pre-lit in Vue so why not?

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