World Sabaku Volume 1 ’70s Style Sci Fi Set Completed

World Sabaku is a desert planet, originating in a science fiction universe based on the rules and motifs of 1970s science fiction – a universe which never concerned itself with miniaturization or the advent of the internet. Here you will find levers, huge lighted buttons and dedicated, single purposes devices.

The series is available through Mirye Store and Meshbox Design.This model set includes the following eight models:

  • WSSF2V101 Sabaku Power Station
  • WSSF2V102 Sabaku Water Collection Station
  • WSSF2V103 Sabaku Plebian Apartments
  • WSSF2V104 Sabaku Police Station
  • WSSF2V105 Sabaku Pilot’s Bar
  • WSSF2V106 Sabaku Space Port
  • WSSF2V107 Transport Repair Station
  • WSSF2V108 Bonus Model – Medical Response Center

You can order each model individually, except for the bonus model, which is only available in World Sabaku Volume 1 Complete Edition.

You select the version you want, which includes PRO (original .max files + games licensing), Poser / DAZ Studio, Shade 3D, e-on software Vue and Bryce formats.  If you order through Mirye Software or Meshbox Design, you also get a .3DS version of the models.

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