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Content Paradise Closing November 12, 2018Content Paradise is going to close on November 12, 2018. If you want to get support for the Meshbox products you licensed through Content Paradise, read on. Read More »

Fedoraville Hearse R2

For a limited time, you can get Meshbox Design’s Fedoraville 1950s Hearse for free through partner Content Paradise. This is a special, limited time offer that takes place depending on the version you want to license.

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Hydroponics Module 3DHydroponics Module (model 2 of 8 of Near Future: Lunar Colony Volume 1) is a self contained system for raising plant life that not only generates oxygen but also edibles. As with other modules, it has an airlock chamber in case it is not attached to an array of modules. The system is complete with lighting and air filters, and several internal tanks to store a back up reserve that isn’t automatically channeled off for use in other modules.

You can now get the Hydroponics Module on Content Paradise.

Santa's Dining Hall Santa's Cook House Elf Girl Dormitory

There have been a number of growing pains over on brokerage partner Content Paradise site recently, so you may not have seen many of our most recent products there, including the e-on software Vue and DS Bryce versions of our Toon Santa‘s Christmas Village 2014 model set.  We just added Santa’s Cookhouse, Santa’s Dining Hall and the Elf Girl Dormitory.

For just one week, we are giving away the Shade 3D and Bryce versions of Noah’s Ark 3D over on Content Paradise.