Contest: Guess the Bonus Model for Builder Medieval Village and Win a Model Set

Meshbox ContestWe’ve released seven of eight models and the bonus model arrives soon. Be the first one to guess the bonus model and win a free Meshbox model set.


Builder’s Medieval Village Volume 1 series is a collection of models designed for creating beautiful, growing medieval towns such as you find in 2D strategy builder type games. Each part of each model is designed to stand alone for use by itself, or as a part of the parent model.  The models are available for Poser / DAZ Studio, Blender, Bryce, Vue, Shade and in a 3DS Studio MAX  version for game developers.

Models Released to Date


  • BLMV1V101 Medieval Blacksmith
  • BLMV1V102 Medieval Inn
  • BLMV1V103 Medieval Sheriff & Jailor Building
  • BLMV1V104 Medieval Medicus
  • BLMV1V105 Medieval Mortician
  • BLMV1V106 Medieval Stable
  • BLMV1V107 Medieval Town Hall

See the complete edition here (or pre-order and save 20%) or you can get the models individually on Content Paradise.

Be the first to guess what the theme of the model BLMV1V108 ( model 8 or 8, ie the ‘bonus model’) and you’ll win a model pack of your choice from Meshbox Design worth $49!

Just enter your guess in the comments below, and make sure you don’t duplicate someone else’s answer. The contest ends either 7.31.2016 or when someone guesses correctly – whichever is first! Good luck!


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  1. You can vote more than once! Also, don’t make your answers too general. If the answer was “jewelry shop” and you put down “shop” it would not be a match. Good luck! 🙂

  2. Vegetable/fruit shop
    Wishing well
    Toy store
    Print shop
    Tailor shop

  3. Fish Shop
    Feudal Lord Manse/Manor
    Farm – Crop
    Farm – Animal
    Tenant/Serf Hut

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