House of Nosferatu 3D Model Master Vampire’s Bedroom Released

Master Vampire's Bedroom 3D ModelHouse of Nosferatu Master’s Bedroom R2 is a fully textured standalone and expansion model for the series for Poser / DS, Blender, Vue, Bryce, Shade 3D and MAX (for game development).
House of Nosferatu: The Master’s Bedroom is a drop in replacement for one of the rooms in House of Nosferatu: Inner Keep. This is a complete room, with ornate and mystical double doors and windows – filled with ancient but beautiful dark wood furniture – trimmed in imperial gold. A bed exists, just as it did centuries before when the curse came down upon the master. Around the walls are six different types of bookcase – filled with tomes. And near the doorway, upon an elevated block is the opened coffin of the Nosferatu.


The Poser / DS version features dial driven doors that open / close and scaled according to character scale (characters are the correct scale as compared with the castle).

House of Nosferatu R2 Complete Edition

You can purchase models 1-7 individually, or get the entire 8 model complete collection. You can order the complete collection at any time, then receive each model as it is released.

House of Nosferatu Master Bedroom Gallery

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