1950s Fedoraville Nurses for Poser Updated with Meat Version

Fedoraville Nurses for Poser
Fedoraville Nurse is so cute and sweet, but watch out for her syringe! Now includes version for Meat 3D, the new FREE character from Toon People.

This character includes a complete nurse’s uniform (from the 1950s era), and several key props and poses for going about a nurse’s job for patient care. Fedoraville Nurse works with Poser 7+ and DAZ Studio 4.5 or higher and requires the models Slim™, Norm™, Meat™, and Chunk™ – available FREE from the Toon People.

Fedoraville Nurse includes specialized props, 25 texture and bump maps per character. Most objects also include OBJ versions for easy customization.

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Fedoraville Nurse Included Clothes

  • Nurse Cap (plain white AND logo versions) for Slim, Norm, Chunk and Meat – Includes OBJ
  • Nurse Uniform (plain AND logo versions) for Slim, Norm, Chunk and Meat – Includes OBJ
  • Nurse Left & Right Shoes for Slim, Norm, Chunk and Meat – Includes OBJ
  • Pill Dispenser for Slim, Norm, Chunk and Meat – Includes OBJ (with pills inside)*

Included Props

  • Cold Compress
  • Patient History Clipboard & document
  • Hot Water Bottle (with dials for “full” and “empty”)
  • Pen
  • Syringe
  • Pill Dispenser (implemented as a character for easier posing)

Included Poses

  • Default / Reset
  • Adjust Nurse Cap
  • Resuscitation
  • Holding Hot Water Bottle
  • Holding Syringe
  • Applying Cold Compress
  • Looking at Patient History
  • Holding the Pill Dispenser
  • Opening the Pill Dispenser
  • Writing on Patient History

Fully compatible with base for the female versions of Slim, Norm, Chunk and Meat – Includes OBJ

About Toon People Characters

Toon People™ are a series of free characters from Meshbox Design, a series of toon styled human character models compatible with Poser and DAZ Studio. The male and female characters are regularly updated with new expressions, morphs and clothing. You too can make your own characters based on these characters under the included license. Find them on the Toon People website.

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