Medieval Ukraine Village 3D Begins with Guard House / Keep

Medieval Ukraine Guardhouse
Medieval Ukraine Village Volume 1 R2 kicks off with Ukraine Guardhouse brings a historical and cultural freshness to medieval / fantasy renders. For Blender, Poser / DAZ Studio, Vue 3D, Bryce & MAX. Intro sale ends 3/30/2015.First of eight buildings forming Medieval Ukraine Village Volume 1 R2 Complete Edition,  Ukraine Guardhouse is an imposing stone structure, with four multi-level towers, plank covered wall walkways, central well and more.

As with other sets, if you order the Complete Edition, you receive each model in the series as it is released; you also get an eighth model that is not available separately.

Order the set while is it being developed and released and save 20%; save 40% by 3/30/2015.

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