New Promo Renders of Christmas Village ’07

Last week we updated a crop of our promotional images for Toon Santa’s Christmas Village ’06, so now we are moving on to Toon Santa’s Christmas Village ’07. That was the same year that we introduced the King of the North Pole theme for Toon Santa as well.

King of the North Pole

Golden themed King of the North Pole Santa wears this alternative to his red outfit during casual court sessions in North Pole village. He doesn’t often have to take up the mantle of King of the North Pole. It added a full yellow suit, jeweled crown prop, guitar prop, multiple poses and a pipe prop.

An R2 update later for Christmas Village 07  added many props to each model, improved DAZ Studio compatibility and also added the Ice Mountain Texture Set.

Christmas Village 07  is available in several version sets including Pro (MAX native + game licensing), Poser / DAZ Studio, Shade 3D, Vue and Bryce, and available through the Meshbox and Mirye Software websites.


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