Meshbox Design is a division of Proactive International, LLC, the worldwide channel agency.

Proactive International, LLC
Meshbox Division
6107 SW Murray Blvd #151
Beaverton, OR 97008 USA
Ph. 503-520-0191
Fx. (212) 659-0757

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  1. I purchased Haunted Village and City of the Vampires some years ago, but got little use from them because the walls could not be hidden to make “windows” to render inside the models. I note there is now an “R2” version. Has this corrected this short-coming? If so, what is your upgrade policy for those who bought the earlier version?


    1. Hello,

      There are “R2” versions of these model sets, however I don’t believe they have removable walls. That’s not necessarily a feature of an R2 update. If you would like to purchase the updates, we can send you a Paypal payment request for $20 for each model set. You would have to select the version (assuming this is Poser / DAZ Studio).

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